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"I was a sideline father to my young sons Ben & Lachie, always watching from the side and never directly involved," said Micheal Tilders.

“A simple game of kick to kick in the back yard was exhausting and would see me sweating and flushed. I was struggling through life- through their lives,” confessed Micheal.

How about you? Have you ever felt like you're on the sideline of life?

Sure, it is no fun at all to feel that way, but rest assured there IS a way back.

Unable to actively participate in activities with his children and an ever increasing waistline pushed Michael Tilders' to the edge. He couldn’t take it any more and decided it was time for a change.

“I was watching my weight increase year after year wearing L sized shirts then XL then XXL and coming close to XXXL. I couldn't stand the thought of another size increase as I was struggling to contain my gut.

I had reached a point where I needed to turn my life around.”

Isn’t it fantastic to know that a few hours each week in the gym along with a little time in the kitchen is all it took? That’s right, Michael spent a handful of hours each week in the gym and ate lots of delicious food and transformed his body and his life. 

We are proud of you Michael! 

Some of Michaels favourite TCB recipes

Ten Minute Chilli Con Carne

Classic Chicken Casserole

Salmon Amazeballs

Shar's Caramel Banana Bread

Michaels top transformation tips

1. Shar's Cookbook showed me how to implement Nutrient Timing to maximize fat burning effects from exercise. You will never achieve the transformation you are looking for without this key strategy!

2. Step outside of your comfort zone and commit. Doing what you have always done will not give you the results you are after. Create a new normal. I developed a "New Normal" and I love it.

3. Be patiently persistent. I was overweight for a long time. It took me 12 months in all.

4. Get the family involved. My wife knew I needed more than just workouts. We needed something that would suit the whole household.  

That makes such a big difference!! Now the whole family eats from the - it's so easy and delicious.

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