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Inspirational Warwick Millard

Let me show you what the magical combination of enthusiasm, determination and self-belief can accomplish. Meet a young by the name of Warwick Millard.

Warwick before...
and Warwick after 24 weeks eating from the TCB

Now before some of you start to grumble…yeah he’s young and it’s easy when you're young...yada, yada, yada. Youth can be a double edged sword. It can enable wonderful things to happen but (as we all know) it can also sabotage and destroy worthwhile endeavours.

Colac-born and bred Warwick moved to Geelong to complete an Engineering degree at Deakin University. Warwick did what most people do, he joined a fitness club and attempted to go it alone by doing a few haphazard workouts on his own each week. No clear direction, no plan and no guidance, and as a result, Warwick got pretty much nothing in the way of results.

So the first exceptional trait about this young fellow is that he quickly realized he could not do it alone, he needed and sought help how many teenagers do that? 

I had the determination, but it was the Transformation Challenge that was the catalyst. It triggered the right emotions and gave him a clear focus.”

Warwick got his copy of the Transformation Cookbook and began slowly implementing the principles he was learning. “For me, the first thing that was overwhelming was to see that first kilo of fat disappear. I never looked back after that.” Warwick said.

The intensity of his workouts with Ben made others in the gym stop and comment. Others in the gym could see his commitment and encouraged Warwick to keep going.

Okay, tough workouts are one thing. If body transformation were as simple as working out hard, we’d have a nation of great physiques, not an obesity epidemic. The workouts in total are only 3-4 hours a week. The rest of the week was up to Warwick and how he chose to spend his time. 

Throughout is 24 week process Warwick did not touch a drink. He studied, passed and celebrated his end of year exams without a drop of alcohol– I ask you, how many 19 year-olds would do that? Warwick admits there were some nights where he was the designated driver for his mates to and from the night clubs.

To make the task even more ‘interesting’ was Warwick's new lifestyle. This was Warwick’s first time living away from home and sharing with a house mate. Whereas most University students live on a balanced diet of Macca’s and Coco pops, Warwick turned to Shars Cookbook for “salvation”.

Shar's Cookbook and web site are simply awesome!” Warwick exclaimed. “I think I made every recipe twice! I always had 5 or 6 recipes made up, ready to go in my freezer”, Warwick grinned. Again how many 19 year-old's would do that?

Talking to Warwick for this interview, I quickly realised he’d practically memorised the entire TCB site, - he was actually reciting nutritional facts from each recipe!

 To keep tabs on his meal portions, Warwick stored his food in single meal-size containers and froze them as in Shar's Kitchen Meal Prep Video series. 

Look at the difference in Warwicks posture - after just 24 weeks

I’ve got to admit I nearly fell off my chair when Warwick told me his housemate works for Pizza Hut and brought home pizzas after every shift, every night!Talk about commitment in the face of adversity!

Warwick just shrugged his shoulders and said “I wasn’t even interested in having a bite”.

I say again – how many 19 year-old's would be like that?

When I questioned Warwick about where this depth of commitment stemmed from, he said “I just didn’t want to go down that path of being overweight. For me, the happiest moment was when I rang my mum and told her I’d won the Challenge. She just burst into tears!” Warwick smiled.

Warwick now has his mum using the Transformation Cookbook and she has already lost 5kgs.



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