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Need a delicious detox?

Happy New Year! Need a detox?

Unfortunately when this time of year rolls around instead of raring to go, many of us just feel like a detox.

Well this year, forget the lemon water. Detoxifying doesn’t happen from starving yourself. 

Cleansing comes from nourishing every cell with powerful antioxidants. 

The consumption of nutritious food increases the natural activity of the cellular enzymes that detox the body.

Yes, detoxing should be delicious!

Why endure some silly detox starvation fad when you can detox deliciously.

Here are my top 5 detoxing recipes  plus a couple more!

No. 1 You can't beat My Berry Beet bowls packed with delicious detoxing power!

The ‘toxins’ (xenobiotics) that build up in cells are in fact self-inflicted ... but you knew that didn’t you.

Mostly from chronic over consumption of sugar, carbohydrate-rich foods and alcohol (you also knew that didn’t you!)

Removal of these xenobiotics requires metabolic breakdown driven by enzymes in every cell of our bodies.

The consumption of nutritious food increases the activity of the natural cellular enzymes that detox the body. 

Yes, detoxing should be delicious! 

No.2 on my Best Detox Recipes list is My Apple Garbanzo Salad. It provides a potent mix of detoxing phytonutrients.
All natural Plant Protein Burgers No. 3 on my Detox list

Detoxing doesn't mean starving, it means nourishing your body. No.3 on my Best Detox Recipe list is My Plant Protein Burgers. These don't contain starches, fillers or additives. They just packed with natural plant protein full of detoxing nutrition.

No. 4 Nature packs its powerful antioxidants in colour. Revitalise and feel amazing with my Fruitopia multi flavoured, multi layered Protein shake..🤩👌💪

No. 5 on my Detox list It's all about getting more nutrients into your plan - My Rainbow Muffins

 My Rainbow Muffins are a delicious easy way the whole family can get more veggies into their day.

A couple more powerful detox recipes? 

Of course! 

 You don't have to miss out on meat to detox and get healthy. It’s more about knowing how to get more plant foods into your traditional dishes so the meats you do use go a lot further.

Why not meat me in the middle!

For example, the ingredients for a traditional Lasagne is beef, pasta, tomato sauce and cheese. 

You don't have to miss out on meat to detox. It’s more about knowing how to get more plant foods into your traditional dishes so the meats you do use go a lot further.

Compared to traditional lasagne,  my No Bake Lasagne also contains lean beef, zucchini, carrot, peeled, parsley, spinach leaves, kidney beans, canned and fresh tomatoes, corn kernels, cucumber, shredded lettuce, jalapeños and even thinly sliced and peeled orange! Not to mention the lasagne sheets are made from eggs and chickpea flour. And my lasagne provides the same amount of protein per serving, with much less carbs and fat!

This time of year can be very easy to eat lots of calories/kilojoules that don't contain a lot of nutrition. So a key part of a healthy detox is to make sure every calorie consumed is as nutrition-packed as possible.

Make your own Berry Chia Cups. Packed with nutrition minus the empty calories.

Simply increasing the nutrition of your meals and reducing the unwanted calories/kilojoules from your plan will be the most effective detox you’ll experience – heck, if you listen carefully, you might even hear your liver applauding!

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Make this year your best!



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