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Feature: Carb Timing for Fat Loss

People experience that snap-point - you know the one “Right! That’s it! I’ve got to do something!!!...."

They throw themselves into exercise, often 6-days-a-week, even twice-a day. The next thing is, cut carbs, fats and whatever else in a misguided attempt to lose weight or get lean, fast!

The whole approach just isn't sustainable. The fat soon returns and the metabolic consequences are severe. The end result is an up-hill battle with the pudge that gets tougher to shift with each passing year.

If there is one universal point of confusion, it’s carbohydrate consumption and fat loss. An intense fear of carbohydrates just seems to be ingrained in the gym culture right up to the elite physique competitor ranks and I've never really been able to understand why. 

Sure, eliminating carbs will get the job done, in the short term. However, metabolically speaking it’s like using a sledge hammer to crack a peanut.

Cut the carbs, shed the fat and everything else goes with it; hard-earned muscle, energy levels, physical and emotional performance.

Then there’s the rebound effect, the metabolic slow down which ensures the fat becomes harder to shift with each attempt. I know a lot of people that live their lives like this.

For fat loss cutting carbs is not desired or required

So I thought I’d share some research with you that might help exorcise carbohydrates from their satanic locus in most people’s lives.

This research applies directly to body transformation and the information obtained underlines one of the biggest factors of success.



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