Brassicapomme Soup

Liquid Meals You Can EatMarvellous Meatless Meal

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Liquid Meals You Can EatMarvellous Meatless Meal

‘Brassicapomme’ translated simply means broccoli and apple. ‘Brassica’ is the family name given to vegetables that are usually green and have flowery heads on a thick stalk. ‘Pomme’ is French for apple.

This recipe calls for Granny Smith Apples which are crisp, firm and juicy. They have a rich green skin and a distinctively bitter-sweet flavor which makes them excellent for cooking. Here’s an interesting fact, a lack of green foods in the diet mean constant battles with weight and low-energy levels. Green plant foods unlock fat metabolism and restore energy, creating the perfect environment that achieves optimum health. This soup will boost your green intake, give it a go. It’s quick, easy and can be served hot or cold.



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