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Why do we crave certain foods?


Research investigating the source of our cravings has uncovered an entirely new connection between the gut and the brain that drives our desire for certain foods.

👉 A ground-breaking study published in Nature this month found that when high-fat foods enter the intestines it triggers a signal. Conducted along nerves to the brain, this signal drives a desire for more high-fat foods.The same research group have previously shown a similar occurrence with foods that are high in refined carbohydrates.

👉👉 Processed foods like breads, cakes, biscuits and confectionary converts to sugar quickly. Which activates a specific gut-brain circuit that communicates to the brain in the presence of intestinal sugar.What does this mean?

👅👅👅 Although our tongue tells our brain what we like, such as things that taste sweet, salty or fatty. To make things worse, when we have these foods, our gut, tells our brain we want more of them. 😫😫😫

So how do we break this vicious circle?
🔸The first step is to make your favourite processed foods a ‘treat’ not an every day choice.

🔸 Another great strategy is to seek out great low-sugar, low-fat alternatives that can help break the gut-brain circuit that leads to cravings and the over consumption of high-sugar and fat foods.

The Transformation Cookbook provides lots of great desserts and recipes that meet this criteria. Here is a great one to try👇👇👇

Have a great week!

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