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Who Said Eating Healthy was Expensive

I just made 57 delicious fat loss meals for under $4. a meal! 

A lot of people mistakenly believe that eating healthy is expensive.

👉👉 I love cook-ups because they save so much time, money and make life so much easier for busy people. So this week I wanted to share the cook-up I did on the weekend...

🔸 Beef Ragout - I even doubled the quantities due to the size of my multi cooker! Which gave us 14 delicious meals. 💪😁

🔸 My Butternut Shepherd's Pie - 12 meals. 😋

🔸 My Healthy Chinese Take Away Chicken in the other multi cooker (we have two), gave us 16 meals. 😋

🔸 My mouthwatering Meatless Moussaka gave us 15 meals. 😋

✅ A total of 57 delicious, meals 
✅ designed to boost health and shed the flab.
✅ Total Spend was $226.50
✅ Which works out to be under $4.00 a meal. 💖💖💖

For convenience I bought everything at one mainstream supermarket. If you like to shop around or purchase some ingredients from local markets then I’m sure you would reduce this cost even further. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Now imagine what you'd save from not ordering 57 meals from Menulog. 🤩🤩🤩

How much would your bank account and waistline thank you? 😆

If you stop and listen, you can actually hear your heart and arteries applauding! 👏👏👏

👉👉👉 57 delicious, nutritious meals each under 4 dollars.

😋 😋 😋 All recipes can be found in the on-line Transformation Cookbook. And you also get my easy-to-follow cook-up video series free.

Who’s doing a cook-up this weekend. We'd love to see your pics! 😄😃👏

Love your body 💪😘
Shar xX



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