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My Top 5 Nutrition Shakes

Did you know the right nutrients at the right time can speed recovery and more than triple results from exercise!

Research shows that using nutritious shakes in the post-workout time can actually accelerate your recovery and results by as much as 400%! 

Other studies show that having nutritious shakes between your main meals, such as Mid-Morning and Mid-afternoon promote better body composition changes – that means more lean muscle, less body fat!

So this week let’s shake it up with My 5 Top Nutrition Shakes. 

Did I mention they taste as great as they look! 

First is my Cherry Nilla Power Shake is so thick and creamy, you’d never know it’s super nutritious, sugar-free, and low in fat.

Next, My Almond Apricot Swirl is a is a luscious dairy-free, with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. 

With no added sweeteners and all-natural ingredients my Chunky Funky Monkey Protein Shake is a thick, creamy, chocolate-banana combo finished with crunchy, golden honeycomb chunks. 

Blow your taste buds away with my Raspberry Velvet Dream -  healthy, low-fat, vibrant red and packed with goodness. Velvety smooth and creamy with no added sugar. 

Finally, revitalize and detox with my NEW recipe, Sparkling Applicious, a naturally sweetened, spiced apple protein shake. Perfect summer refresher ideal for Post-workout, your mid-morning or afternoon meal. Bon appétit!



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