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Meat me in the middle!

It’s summer time in Australia which means lots of warm afternoons and fantastic weather for barbecues.

Saturday as we were getting ready to fire up the outdoor grill with
some dear friends, when one of the girls handed me a burger in a packet
and asked if I’d throw this on the grill for her.

She told me “I’m trying to get more plant protein into my diet”. The label said meat-free, vegan patty.

When I read the nutrition label, I counted over 10 ingredients but only 3 were actually a plant food!

The first ingredients listed were starch, a binder, an oil and potato, followed by water!

In Australia, all ingredients must be listed on food packets in descending order. So that meant any other ingredients probably only made up around 30% of the burger!

Here was my dear friend trying to do the right thing. Purchasing what she thought was a nutritious option, only to fall victim to misleading food marketing. I see this a lot and it’s no wonder people get so confused about what to eat.

It always pays to read labels. The words ‘Plant-Based’ and ‘Vegan’ on a product don’t necessarily mean healthy.

Luckily, I always have a few of my Plant Protein Burgers in the freezer. So I was able to offer my guests a plant-based option that was 100% whole foods, no additives, binders or starches.

Although I love a good steak, I also enjoy a meat-free meal as long it is wholesome and satisfying.

The key is knowing how to incorporate whole plant foods to provide that taste and texture that pleases even the toughest critic in the family.

Quick, easy and delicious. Often people don’t even know they’re meat free!

Get my plant-based, vegan-friendly protein burger recipe in my New Transformation Cookbook. You will love them!



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