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Killing Food Demons

We’ve just completed training and accrediting over 300 fitness professionals in the last 30 days, across 4 states, launched a new training program through one of Australia’s leading fitness franchises and held our amazing Transformation Awards night for 500 people in Melb, all in less than 30 days.

While we probably deserve to put our feet up for a well deserved break I just don’t want to do it...

I have something driving me. Something really deep inside that gnaws away at me...

I have a mission,

I have a powerful message I just have to share.

Something happens to me every where I go....

It happens to me every event I attend, every gym I visit, it even happens when I go shopping!

Wonderful people, all walks of life just come up to me.....First they ask ‘what do I do?’ and when I tell them, the next thing they want to tell me is about some horrible restrictive diet they are struggling with...

Cutting calories/kilojoules to nothing for days and feeling terrible...

Trying to follow zero Carb diets....then binging after a handful of days...

Going on ridiculous high fat diets and not eating vegetables!
Some boast proudly how they've gone ‘x’ amount of days without sugar, coffee, chocolate, wine... and then tell me how much they’re hating it...

All the time I’m thinking to myself, oh my gosh you don’t have to do this!!

You don’t have to try live like this....

It doesn’t have to be like this!

That’s why I’m so passionate about what I do.

Life is wonderful, it's way too short to not be happy with yourself and to struggle every day with food.

I know how it feels to struggle and agonize about food every day, because that's what I did for many, many years.

All through my teens and as a young woman into my 30’s – every day I beat myself up internally about what I should and shouldn’t eat.

I counted calories of every meal, I yo-yo dieted, I weighed myself every day (and if I was over a certain mark on the scales I didn’t eat for the rest of the day!!!) Even worse, I had no idea how many other people shared my thoughts and experiences until I started sharing my story.

To be honest, this is what drives me to do what I do.

The tcb is my compilation of recipes I’ve developed to teach myself how to eat, magnificently, easily, enjoy food and have the body I want!

So when I hear people constantly battle food demons, every day, I just want to help them.

This is what motivates me, I need to share my message.

This is what drives me in the kitchen and at computer to make my message as powerful and as practical as I can.

Yes, you can have the body you want and never have to struggle with food ever again.

I’m on a mission, I hope you might like to join the journey!



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