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Inspirational Tina Sims

A truly remarkable woman. As humble as she is lovely, Tina Sims shares her tips implemented along the way to achieve an extraordinary transformation.

Tina grew up and still lives in Wodonga with husband Tony and their two children.

Tina said, “This may sound blunt but initially I didn’t want to be a fat unhealthy mum who sat on the sidelines while my kids did lots of fun things. I wanted to be part of their lives & memories of childhood.”

“My snap point came from culmination of several things really. I was not the mum I wanted to be. I could not go down the slide at the park with my kids or run around chasing them.

One day in the grocery store we were walking past the confectionery aisle and my little girl ran to the chocolate coated liquorice logs and excitedly told me to make sure I didn’t forget them. I would buy these and eat them in the car on the way home from the supermarket.

Tina says, take the pressure off yourself and just start with one small change at a time.

About the same time Tony & I were watching a TV show on obesity and the impact on kids whose parents are obese. I jokingly made a comment that I wasn’t that big & I got a look from Tony. The one when your partner has something to say but they are not sure how to say it.”

Tina recommends, “Just make a start even if it’s just changing one little thing. Time will pass and you can beat yourself up about doing or not doing things don’t let excuses stop you like I did for so long. The biggest thing you need to do is realise that this is a lifestyle change & not just a plan you follow for X number of weeks. The more you can implement all the great resources from this site, into your everyday life the easier it will be.”

Tina went on to say, “Accept that no one is perfect and you will make mistakes. Get right back on track for your next meal. Be prepared & have food ready to grab from the fridge. Ready to go meals are so important.”

The person I am today eats very differently to the person I was 6 or 12 months ago let alone the person I was 2 years ago when I started this process.

Tina also recommended, “to shed the fat, most meals need to be whole foods - small meals not snacks. I rarely go for healthy “treat” type snacks like muffins or homemade protein bars etc they are often really calorie dense and won’t do your efforts any favours. 

Tina’s favourite fat loss recipes

aztec salad

multi grain veggie paella

mood boosting veggie platter

one pot chicken vegetable stew

veghetti bolognese with turkey cranberry meatballs

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