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“Fast-food became a way of life” said Matt Madden.

“From the age of 18 to 21 I really piled-on the weight. I didn’t play sport or participate in any physical activity - my life was nothing more than eat, sleep and work. My nutrition was really bad - all I ate was fast food because that’s where I worked and it was easy. Not to mention, as soon as I got my drivers license, hey drive through fast food outlet was just too easy. Eating fast food became my way of life!”

"Now, this is what happens when Paul & Shar's program becomes a way of life!" says Matt.

Matt an amazing 70kgs lighter

Matt was born and raised in Geelong, Victoria, the eldest of three. Although he’s currently employed as a Customer Service Consultant for the Victorian TAC, Matt started working in Fast Food Restaurants at the age of 16.

Joining a fitness Club can be a daunting place for someone that’s very overweight, what made you get into fitness?

“There were a couple of deaths in my family, and this made me think about how ‘life is too short!’ I remember looking at a couple of photos of myself and it really got me thinking,” said Matt.

“A work colleague coaxed me into joining up. Sure it was a huge step, but I knew I had to be in a positive environment like this."

“I was lucky, my workmate became my training partner for 7 months. I could see her getting amazing results I asked her what should I be eating and she put me onto Paul & Shar's website. Then, I saw Warwick Millard’s results - one of the winners of their first Transformation Challenges on the promotional posters around the gym.”Matt Smiled as he said, “I thought, that was it!

Warwick's photos and the up-coming Challenge was my motivation and all the incentive I needed to take control and do something about my weight.”

“My main focus to sign up was to lose weight but I got so much more than I’d hoped for,” said Matt.

“I loved the results from lifting weights. It’s so addictive and I was learning so much about food and eating better,” said Matt excitedly.

After I finished my first 12 Week program, it just felt like the beginning. I was just starting to really get a handle on things and the more results I saw, the better I got,” said Matt.

“My family gave me great support right from day one. In fact, Paul & Shar's program rubbed off on the entire family. I live at home and Mum was cooking Shar's recipes but I still went to the supermarket and I did my shop and chop!,” said Matt proudly.

I found TCB recipes I liked for breakfast - with lots of protein. 

I used the meal planner to focus on good post-workout options. 

I got more Omega-3 in my meals, wow what a difference that made. 

Shar gives you a complete education on not only nutrition but also food, prep skills, planning, creating the environment and setting goals for success. 

Matt's progression

In just over 12 months, a staggering loss of 70kgs of fat.

“I’ve lost over 70 kilos now and its opened up a whole new exciting world for me. I am now aiming to run in a half marathon soon. I play mixed netball and I love my resistance training with heavy weights. I now have confidence and I enjoy it,” said Matt.

Matt's favourite TCB recipes

It's Not Butter Chicken
Shepherds Pie

Slow Cook Osso Buco

Chicken Parmi Bell Peppers

“I now feel like a young man, not an old one” said Matt, a little sheepishly.

Where to now? What’s next for Matt Madden?

“Well I’m off on a Xmas trip with my family for 2 weeks. I’m taking my running shoes for sure, plus I have also located a gym close by!

Finally, when I did ask Matt "what has this done for you?"

Matt just looked squarely at me with a face much wiser than his years and said, “It’s saved my life!!”

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