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Inspirational Megan Casserly

Busy Mum, Megan Casserly says, sometimes in life, the hardest and smartest thing to admit is there is a better way, than your 'old way' of doing things.

Exercise, eating, jugging a young family with running a business in the fitness industry.  didn't realize that to evolve as a person into these new phases of life, you have to learn better ways.

The worst thing you can do is think ' I'm okay....I know how to do all this'.

Let me give you some of my examples...

Old Me - Push through the chronic sleep deprivation.

Better Me - When poor sleep patterns affect everything, I have to modify

Old Me - Exercise hard every day to 'relive stress.'

Better Me - Exercise to improve your health not annihilate it.

Old Me - Eat to 'stay slim'.

Better Me - Learn how to eat to nourish & stay slim.

I think this is the most important message I’d like to get across - it's more important to share your struggles than the triumphs. A lot of people feel like they should cover up the struggling and only pop up on social media when they are doing well. However, no one can help you when everything appears rosy.

Mum’s put so much pressure on themselves to get their pre-baby body back that they think they have to train excessively to get results but instead we run ourselves into the ground which can often put us out for weeks. Instead, Mum’s need to focus on what they can do consistently, exercise should make you feel good not exhausted.

Megans Top Tips for Mums

1. Your program has to make sense. The body and the energy you need everyday comes from great food habits. 

2.  Changing attitudes towards meal prepping and constructing the environment for success, are the first things that need focus. 

3. Understand that sleep deprivation, affects hunger signals, moods, energy levels and recovery. If you know its going to continue then you need to modify your exercise a little, and beware of your habits to stress and food.

4. Take the pressure off yourself, being perfect won’t solve any of your problems. Make mistakes and be honest about them. Having an amazing Support Network is key and that's another reason I love the community Shar and Paul have created. 



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