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Chips and Chocolate!!!

That got your attention didn't? Iain said with a grin! 

Food is the single hardest thing to get right in your program.

In life in general.

Sometimes food is a tough issue to deal with, confessed Iain.

My whole life revolved around food and still does. We cannot live without it, nor would we want to. It also gives so much pleasure.

Out for a meal with friends, sitting in the lunch room with work colleagues, or sitting at home in front of the TV, food provides sustenance and pleasure in all parts of our lives.

The catch.....

Unless you are prepared it can be very difficult to make the correct choices, especially when with other people who don’t understand.

How many times have I been caught out looking for something to eat only to find myself in a shopping centre food court

Deep-fried, calorie-laden everything.

Because I work on the road, I don’t really know where I will be at any given time, so a heathy meal can be challenging.

So let me give you an idea of how easy it is.

Firstly, I make all my meals using the Transformation cookbook. It’s made my own transformation so easy.

I didn’t know how to cook, but I also didn’t know how easy it is to cook until I saw Shar’s Cooking video series.

My second rule is a “no rule”…If I don’t have a particular ingredient I simply a substitute with what I do have.

That can mean a couple of types of beef or other meats in the one recipe. Or it could mean adding legumes, beans and a few more veggies.

My final rule is I try a new recipe most weeks. Which is hard because I have so many favourites.

My favourites are 

Slow Cooked Osso Bucco

Burgundy Beef & Veg 

Pork Passata Bolognese

Chicken Parmi Bell Peppers

Tuna Cakes

It's not Butter Chicken

People try to make weight loss so complicated, and it isn’t. Virtually everything I eat comes from the Transformation Cookbook.

When faced with social difficulties, simply stay true to yourself.

If friends family or colleagues want to eat the fast foods, fatty deserts and deep fried things. Let them.

But don’t be surprised if one day when you are looking great and feeling fantastic, those same friends copy what you do. When they do, be proud that you have unwittingly made their life a healthier one.

I truly hope you all are meeting your own goals.

Train hard & eat well!

Iain before and 12 months after using the tcb



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