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Ask the Dr - Improving Self Image

Psychiatric assessments reveal that up to 80% of people do not like how they look naked. This negative self-image is linked directly to the unhappiness or dissatisfaction these people may feel toward other aspects of their life, such as their sex-life and their relationship with their spouse. However, psychiatrists have revealed that building muscle may fix all that.

Building muscle improves self image - just ask Rachel Oliver

It appears that weight training to improve body shape helps reverse poor self-image because it improves the shape of the body.

Drs. Pamela Williams and Thomas Cash studied a group of men and women before and after a weight training program designed to improve body composition (shape).

Only six weeks of weight training resulted in significant improvements in the participants perception of their body. Reports from the subjects’ partners also revealed these people demonstrated a more positive outlook plus an increased interest in sex and intimacy!


- Building muscle (lean body mass) is the only way to increase metabolic rate.

- A person’s metabolic rate is the largest single contributor to daily energy expenditure.

- Increasing metabolic rate addresses the core of improving body composition.

- An improvement in body composition (more muscle, less body fat) improves body shape.

- Improving body shape is the honest reason why 99% of people workout.

- A program designed to build muscle will give you the health you need and the body shape you want.

Source: Int. J. Eat. Disord

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