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Healthy meals that make us fat

Major break-through in fat loss

More and more people are opting for packaged and convenience foods and meals. Research confirms these choices are making us fat.

A year-long study of the dietary habits of 9,341 Australians has backed growing evidence that processed and packaged foods are the leading contributor of rising obesity rates in the Western world.

But that’s not the big break through….

We’ve always known that it’s too easy for busy people to fill their eating with too many processed choices. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping people regain the balance with quick, easy wholesome eating with the Transformation Cookbook.

The reason this study was so important is, that it substantiates the 'Protein Leverage Hypothesis'

The new study, published this month in the journal Obesity was based on a national nutrition and physical activity survey undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) - essentially a comprehensive investigation of what Aussies really eat.

'The Protein Leverage Hypothesis simply means that we overeat fats and carbohydrates because of the body's strong appetite for protein, which the body needs over everything else.

Because so much of modern diets consist of processed and refined food and meal choices, which are low in protein, we are driven to consume more energy-dense foods until we satisfy our protein demands.

Food and meal choices that lack protein drive cravings.

This rise in obesity closely matches the boom in the packaged meal industry. Companies often market packaged foods and meals as healthy options.

However, profit is the driving force of the food industry, not consumer health. Therefore taste and cost of meal construction is priority. That’s why bought meals will always contain more calories from fat and carbohydrates. They also contain more salt and other flavour enhancers. The more purchased meals that fill our weekly plan, the fatter and unhealthier we become.

To help you regain the balance with quick, easy wholesome eating, this week we’ve provided at least 7 protein-rich, budget-friendly options, see below....

10 minute Chili Con Carne
Butternut shepherds Pie
Chinese takeaway chicken
No bake mexican lasagne
High plant protein Pumpkin Lentil Sagna
Chicken Mexicana Stack
Shar's amazing Mocha Praline mousse

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