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Ask the Dr - Should I skip breakfast?

I never feel like eating breakfast, can I just skip it and eat later on?

Not feeling like having breakfast often has little to do with breakfast itself and more to do with the habits we fall into during the other 23 hours of our day. 

Such as the consumption alcohol and other calories (energy) in the afternoon and evening, staying up too late, too much late night screen time or a lack of night time pre-sleep rituals.Interestingly, it appears most of us grew up eating some form of breakfast. 

Then somewhere along the way, a lot of people fall out of this habit.And that’s the key; to understand that breakfast (or lack of) is just a habit that has little to do with a preference for food in the morning.Quite often people need a good reason to fall back into a good habit. 

First and foremost, there appears to be the strongest association between breakfast consumption and maintaining health and a healthy weight.Breakfast consumption, as opposed to skipping it, seems to the be cornerstone of better glucose and insulin control, appetite regulation, energy expenditure, and circadian health – all factors highly involved in the regulation of energy balance and therefore the maintenance of a healthy body.

If you’re one of the lucky few that are perfectly happy with their weight and the amount of bodyfat you carry, skipping breakfast still appears to throw a lot of things out of wack....yep that’s a scientific term.

At least one well designed study has shown that just 12 weeks of incorporating breakfast ensured more calories were consumed in the morning, as opposed to the evening, which promoted tummy fat loss, reduced waist circumference and improved several diabetes risk markers.

Bottom line is if you’re trying to shed those unwanted kilos or even if you just want to look after yourself, skipping breakfast is big handicap, like trying to win a swimming race with a couple of car batteries tired around your feet.If breakfast is definitely better than no breakfast, then the next step is to make sure make sure your breakfast is fast, delicious and nutritious. 

The Transformation Cookbook provides hundreds of great breakfast options...yep that's my shameless, sneaky plug for the week!

Hope you have a great one!

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