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Dine By Colour - the fastest way to a lean mean physique

As a biomed student one stat has stuck with me all these years - Most people make less than 7 different food choices a week!

Many adults make no more than 20 different nutrition choices over their entire lifetime!

On top of that, when it comes to weight loss, people start exercising a nutrient-deficient body before they’ve know how many meals they need or exactly what needs to be those meals.

No wonder so many people struggle with weight loss.

Shedding body fat, enhancing daily performance and improving body shape are all by-products of optimum health.

Optimum health cannot be obtained by restricting food to a handful of choices and cutting calories. 

Nutritional science is only just starting to uncover an array of powerful, yet little-known compounds that protect our health.

What's the quickest way to a lean, healthy body? 

Dine by Colour! 

In this article we give you an easy step-by-step guide.



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