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Can you Beat Your Genes?

Can you beat your genes? Some experts in this field say yes. Whether it's Alzheimer's, heart disease or body fat - you have control. New research shows something called the epigenome makes it possible.

The epigenome is a complex network of chemical switches that surround your DNA and turn genes on or off. Your epigenome interacts everyday with the environment. That means everything you come into contact with or put into your body has the power to turn genes on or off. 

Are there secrets to success?

Scientists from the Washington School of Medicine have found a gene that regulates the activity of a chemical called uncoupling protein1 (UPC-1). This chemical ensures that energy is dissipated through the skin as heat, rather than stored as energy. 

If the gene regulating UPC-1 fails to work correctly, a person tends to store calories easier and they expend less calories as heat.Here’s a few research based strategies that up-regulate your genetic capacity to burn/utilize fat for fuel.

• Exercise earlier rather than later in the day – you’ll give your body a greater chance to burn more energy.

• Take a strategic dose (20-50grams) of a Whey Protein Isolate just before your workout – some studies suggest you'll not only recover better, you will also burn more fat in the hours after. 

• Don’t cut your calorie intake you’ll fall for the metabolic slow down – which programs your physiology to hoard, not burn fat.

• Replace your empty calories with more nutrient-dense choices – a big plate of vegetables equals less than 300 calories and most people couldn’t finish the plate!

• Get more sleep at night – sleep deprivation and poor sleep habits are an underlying cause of poor fat metabolism.

The study of genomics shows clearly that our genes are not our destiny. Environmental factors such as our choices - type and amount of foods eaten and activity performed, have an equal influence on body composition as heredity. 

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