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Breakfast without Eggs

I can't eat anything made with eggs. I’m just looking for options for breakfast aside from egg based meals?

Can you have breakfast without eggs, really? 

Of course! Let's take a look at what makes a good breakfast choice for transformation

The truth is breakfast is simply a meal - the first, you need to have each day.

Breakfast doesn't have to be cereal and toast. In fact when you look at what the healthiest people in the world eat - places where there is very little incidence of diabetes, being overweight and heart disease, cereal and toast is no where in sight.

As far as nutritious food choices go, it's entirely up to you..... If you are after better results from your exercise program, follow these pointers...

Firstly, to promote better fat loss, it's better to eat your calories than drink them.

Secondly, the meal needs to be high in protein and naturally occurring fiber.

Here are some examples of great no-egg breakfasts that will satisfy, shed the body fat and keep you healthy!

Scrambled tofu ! Try it, you'll love it!
Meat-free Parmigianas are amazing!
Maple beef mince will get you lean and healthy!
forget cereal, try my Applekin-Oatylicious!
Savoury Plant-based pancakes - a no-egg breakfast winner!

Simply type 'No egg breakfast' into our search engine for lots more great ideas.

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