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Almond or peanut butter: which is healthier?

Above is a nutrient breakdown of the two per 16grams, which is a small tablespoon. Some internet ‘experts’ extol the virtues and benefits of one over the other. Clearly, there is next to none in terms of nutritional differences between the two.

Transformation coaching it’s often about making people more aware of their choices. Nut butters are often marketed as a healthier nutrition choice but compared to what?

I know that one tablespoon of a nut butter each day doesn’t sound like much. However, keep in mind for a 12 week program that adds up to over 6000 calories from fat, none of which is going to provide a lot in the way of nutritional benefit or fat loss.

A good plant source of protein?

To get 22 grams of protein, both provide a whopping 50grams of fat and at least 590calories. Compare that to one cup of cooked lentils that provides over 13 grams of protein and less than one gram of fat for just 153 calories. Even 100 grams of tofu fairs better providing 12 grams of protein and 7.5 grams of fat for 127 calories.

As a source of good fats?

Neither almond or peanut butter provide a good source of essential fats the body requires for health. They are particularly a poor choice for the polyunsaturated fat omega-3, the ‘good fat’ that most people are deficient in and is indispensable for fat metabolism.

Compare to 20 grams of flaxseed meal which provides the same amount of protein as one tablespoon of nut butter but with over 10 times more omega-3 polyunsaturated fat. Or 100grams of tuna that provides 22grams of protein with 8 times more polyunsatuated fats and the same amount of calories.

As a snack?
Nuts rate lowest on satiety scores. That’s because they provide so little fiber and protein for the calories. That means you’re likely to be unsatisfied from what you’ve had and want more soon. For around the same calories, instead of one tablespoon of nut butter you could snack on one of the following...

• a bowl of mixed vegetables with a ½ cup of grilled chicken meat
• 120 grams of Chobani Plain Whole Milk Greek Yogurt
• Protein shake (1cup almond milk, half a peach & scoop of WPI)
• One extra Large Rainbow Muffin
• One slice of Shar’s Carrot Cake
• A half serve of Shar’s Meat-Free Lasagna.
• One of Shar’s Tuna Cakes or
• One of Shar’s Plant Protein Burgers

One serving of Shar’s Apple Strudel Crepe from the New Transformation Cookbook provides more protein and nutrition with less fat and calories compared to just one tablespoon of a nut butter.....Great results often come from small changes in daily choices. Food for thought.

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