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My Ten Steps to a Kick Ass Transformation

Katie says, I was miserable!

My life as an office worker was one of high stress levels, sporadic eating, big weekends and late nights.

I was eating out regularly and spending hours in the gym to try compensate for my destructive habits. 

I decided to make a positive change and enrolled in my first Transformation Challenge.

A switch to meal prepping with the transformationcookbook and a structured resistance training program brought some amazing changes. 

I pleased with the direction I was heading. My downfall, however was that I hadn't really made the big, permanent changes I needed. I still had an extremely high stress career, was scrambling to keep up social obligations and had an increasingly unstable home life.

I was doing everything I could do to make EVERYONE else happy, except me! 

And then, my life began to unravel...

Within the space of a few short months I was unemployed and had fled my apartment to remove myself from an unhealthy environment. My confidence had taken a massive blow and I had become unable to trust myself, or others.

During this tumultuous time, my transformation not only stalled it started to go backwards!

I still had the world on my shoulders and the weight I'd lost had crept back on. Funny thing was I reached my snap point with something as innocuous as an unfavourable dexa scan.

Katie switched to lifting weights and meal prepping with recipes from the tcb

I firmly believe your body is a reflection of your mind. If you are not in control of your emotions, they will start to control you.

I adopted a 'victim mindset', wondering why all of these terrible things had happened to me.

My unfortunate circumstances were a direct reflection of my own poor choices and I finally realised it was time that I started facing some hard truths. I began creating the person I wanted to be and started my life from scratch with a new home, new career and new mindset.

After everything I had worked through it actually hit me hard, and I realised that it was time to really start being accountable, for my own sake I had to keep pushing, so I put any remaining trust I had into my transformation.

It took a couple of months for me to start seeing progress again, but with this new mindset,  the changes started coming, and they kept coming.

Through all the ugliness, the ups, downs and frustrations, I learned a lot about myself.

My transformation journey helped me to reclaim my self-awareness and gave me the tools I needed to fix others aspects of my life. I took lot of calculated risks and undoubtedly the one that felt like the biggest was to start trusting myself, and others, once more. So I wanted to share my 10 best tips that helped me with my transformation

My TEN tips to a kick ass transformation

1. Trust your inner voice. Guilt happens for a reason and no amount of exercise will help if you’re not honest with yourself. Stop living in denial about what’s holding you back, and start making change.

2. Lose the trade offs. We employ a lot of little mind tricks that sabotage our progress. Do you reward yourself with food or drinks? Why not a massage or a fun activity/life experience instead? Learn new, positive habits and behaviours, and feel better for it.

3. Get to know yourself. Ask yourself questions. Struggling with training? Why? Not rested/recovered enough? Poor food choices? Too stressed? If so what can you do about it? We learn a lot by noticing our own behaviour and uncovering our habits. Self-awareness can help us negotiate ourselves out of making poor choices in future.

4. Make small gradual changes. Take baby steps, cut out 1-2 bought meals out a week. Try one recipe each week from the transformationcookbook. When you cook for more than one meal, you have meals for later. That's meal prepping! The smallest things can help bring about sustainable change.

5. Cut negative influences out of your life. Your time is valuable and limited, who is really deserving of it? Stop feeling obliged or responsible for other people’s happiness. Surround yourself with supportive people who won't sabotage your success. If you don't have quality people in your life, find them, within your training community or pursue your own personal interests and meet like-minded individuals.

6. You cannot do it alone. Seek out the help you need. This is where the Community Shar and Paul have created is amazing. I even completed their transformation courses which really helped me understand my body, where I've been going wrong and how to keep the amazing results. peers to assist me. If in doubt, don't be afraid to ask for help!

7. Embrace your inner child. When you were a kid you didn't hesitate, you just did it! Live your life with a passion, try new things, have fun, make a fool of yourself. Replace the things that were holding you back with things that are a pleasure to do.

8. Take risks. If you're not taking any risks are you really living? Set yourself a scary goal and go after it. I took a LOT of gambles to get where I am now, and will continue to do so, as things just keep improving.

9. Adopt a 'winning' mindset. You won't get anywhere if you give up. Got doubts? Cast them aside. Have fears? Face them head on. Persistence! The power to change is within every single one of us. Transformation isn't easy, there’s no quick fix, but remember your health and well-being is the worth it!

10. Put yourself first. This may not be easy, but you have to look after yourself before you can look after others. By working on this, I now trust myself and believe in myself - Money cannot buy that!

Katie says, Stop fooling yourself, accept responsibility for your own behaviour and start kicking some transformation ass! 

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