Limits on your training?


The explosion of the fitness equipment over the last decades has delivered an unprecedented amount of variation and variety.

For example, the term ‘functional training’ is often used to describe hoisting those impressive kettlebells or the Navy Seal designed suspension training that made high intensity possible anywhere, any time.

Then throw in the inflatable balls, heavy balls, half balls (Bosu), giant rubber bands, ropes, water-filled bags and the list of ‘toys’ used in functional training goes on and on..

However, to me functional training should be more than using kettlebells or swinging off TRX bands all in the name of doing “something different” in the gym.

To me functional training is more about the strategic selection of exercises with various equipment to create movements and workouts that deliver far superior benefits than any one form of training alone.

All forms of resistance exercise have benefits but also important limitations – even the research-proven barbells and dumbbells.

So for me, a great Functional training program must build muscle for fat burning and body shaping but also

  • Create multidimensional strength for better daily performance.
  • Improve mobility, power & coordination.
  • Correct muscle imbalances & weaknesses to reduce risk of injury.
  • Strengthen & condition at times without high overload.
  • Break plateaus and
  • Reduce risk of overtraining.

Most of us are busy. If you are like me, you don’t have unlimited hours and energy to spend working out each week!

So I’m sure you’d agree, when we do devote those handful of hours a week to exercise, for better health and longevity our workouts need to address all these essential aspects.

That is not easy to do.

That’s why I’m very proud of Functional FIRE - A uniquely structured system that teaches professionals how to incorporate different modes of resistance into to workouts that deliver all the benefits people need.....

It also removes training limitations to get the rapid body transformation changes people want.

Think about it another way.... When are you most motivated and focused heading to the gym?

When you have structure and know exactly what you need to do!

Particularly if you know that workout is going to solve your problems!

That’s why Functional FIRE is over 50 integrated workouts and over 30 training programs structured to solve problems, generate the enthusiasm and the focus you need each week! 

So that next time you grab that band or kettlebell you'll have a purpose and much better reason than just do something different in your workouts.

Limits in your training limits your potential!

Love your body!

Shar xX

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