Time to Celebrate – by taking care of yourself


This year has been a tough one for everybody. Lockdowns, restrictions, stress on families, loss of jobs, incomes and businesses as well as entire careers. Each of us has dealt with very personal obstacles and losses. For many of us there is still more challenges to come, we’re not out of the woods just yet.

In times of intense stress it’s easy to let good routines slip. Putting off workouts, not making better choices at mealtime, eating for convenience and comfort, often seeking relaxation in foods, drinks and behaviors that don’t improve our health – these are all very normal actions in times of unrelenting stress. Found yourself in these situations often over the last few months?  Don’t beat yourself up. They are very normal reactions.

Scary I know, but Christmas is nearly upon us. Like it or not, it’s a time that makes us stop and take stock of what is important., maybe even cherish what we do have. One of the most important assets we own is our health. This festive season it might be a great time to celebrate that.

How do you celebrate your health?

First, make time each day for you, it’s a great way to start celebrating your health.

Take that 30-60 minutes to complete some activity you enjoy. If you haven’t exercised regularly for a while it’s important to take the pressure off yourself. Just start by doing something you enjoy, no matter how easy, simple or low intensity it might seem.

Stress does cause a dramatic loss of energy, strength and stamina. So, if you find yourself struggling to complete workouts the way you use to, forget comparisons to the past, just enjoy doing it.

Time to celebrate by by making deliciously better choices

Forget how much you use to lift, forget how long, fast or strong you use to be. This just creates unnecessary pressure, a lack of confidence and reluctance to keep going.

Fitness, strength, and work capacity all improves with time and consistency. So, it’s important to just starting to enjoy movement and exercise again. With gradual consistency the benefits will return.

Find yourself struggling for time?

Often a lack of time for activity can be solved by making that exercise date earlier in the morning. For many that means getting up just a little earlier. If you dread the sound of that, make it easy on yourself.

Start by getting up 20 minutes earlier to go for a brisk walk, stretch, yoga or some cardio exercise. Just 2 or 3 mornings a week. Early morning exercise profoundly helps sleep patterns. Which in turn makes it easier to get up early.

Some people dread getting up early or see it as a chore, as I use to. However, with age and wisdom I’ve learned that life is about celebrating little moments and rising early to meet the day is a little celebration, my time to do what I like to do. Leading into the hectic Christmas period start to celebrate and make time for your most important asset.

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