Rapid Sculpt FIRE Workout #3


Want a sexy back and shoulders, along with a great glute-shaper?

Here is the workout to get it!

FIRE (Focused, Intense Resistance Exercise) the Fountain of Youth for Women!

Rapid Sculpt FIRE workouts are designed for those after fast, efficient and effective body sculpting results along with the functional strength required for a busy, active life.

This workout is designed to sculpt the shoulders, shape the back and rear end!

Rapid Sculpt FIRE Workout #3.

• Standing Shoulder Press 3 sets (15, 12, 10 reps) stop when you break good form

• One-arm dumbbell row with fitball  3 sets of 12-8 reps (until you can’t keep good form)

• Kettlebell one leg stiff-leg deadlift 2 sets of 10-6 each arm.

Workout Objectives

A key to effective body sculpting is improving the shape of your shoulders. The Standing Shoulder Press is one of the best exercises for this. Standing requires more core activation than seated, so initially you might need to back off weight a little and focus on correct form throughout the range of motion. I bring the bar to the chin to work the shoulders through an effective range of motion that reduces risk of injury. Avoid excessive leaning and if you are an advanced lifter, ask your MP Specialist to show you the MP Warm up protocol for this Pinnacle exercise, it will make you 20% stronger!

The One-arm dumbbell row with fitball is a similar movement to a regular dumbbell row however, placing the hand on the ball really increases shoulder complex and core activation. Use a firm, mid-size ball and a lighter weight to start with, then build your way up. The key to this exercise is to move the shoulder and the elbow together to maximize back muscle activation. Lock the spine into a neutral position and bring the elbow into the side to maximize lat recruitment for that nice v-shape back.

The Kettlebell one leg stiff-leg deadlift is a tough exercise that requires maximum range of motion and hip/core stability. The exercise works the lower back, glute and hamstrings (posterior chain) like nothing else. The key to this exercise is achieving the full range of motion, that is, back leg fully extended and the spine is parallel to the floor. Not only is it a great unilateral leg strength developer, it's also a great glute shaper! Start light in weight and work your way up slowly.

Check out what I eat after this workout next week!

Love your Body!

Shar xxx


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