MP Star Chat Rosa Scalise


"Thanks for giving us back our mum!"

I love logging on to our MP Community page everyday and being constantly blown away by the amazing posts and inspirational stories shared by our members.

Business owner, hair dresser extraordinaire, Rosa Sclalise now 50+ kgs lighter, is loving her new life thanks to her MP Specialist Ana Thomas, who introduced her to MP, 12 months ago.

I get so inspired! I love to learn and share more about our MP Stars and how they achieve their amazing results.

My MP Star this week, is the effervescent, Rosa Scalise, devoted wife, and mother of two gorgeous boys who all support and encourage her 100%.

This lady made the commitment to start her transformation with no intention of ever going back to the old life she once lead. Rosa has never worked harder, or been as focused and as determined to achieve a goal in her entire life.

After several years, relying on medication to manage a series of health issues, Rosa is now reducing her reliance on drugs, and is feeling physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than she has ever felt in her life.

"MP is not a program for me, its my lifestyle, I look and feel better every day, and love living life!" Rosa will never say no! She knows she can do anything she sets her mind to and any obstacle along the way is but a stepping stone!

This is one very inspirational lady, who in her words, "my journey has just begun." Rosa shares her transformation journey with us. 

Keep working hard, you just never know, I might be on my way to see you!

'til next week,

Love your body,

Shar xxx

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