I did it!... Here's why


"How do I keep my body like this?!” I had just turned 31 years old and won my second World Figure Shaping Title. However, extreme dieting and excessive amounts of exercise consumed my life.

My body weight and metabolism fluctuated wildly each year. I had to work harder (exercise longer) and eat less each year to “get into contest shape”. I was exhausted and knew it was completely unsustainable. Seven years of competition had masked a full blown eating disorder and now my health was suffering.

I was in a terrible dilemma, I desperately wanted to look as I had in my competition days. However, my body would not tolerate the abuse any longer. I had no choice but to abandon the starvation diets and 5 hours of exercise a day.

I had to learn how to expand my food choices and nourish my body. My Cookbook was and still is my process...

How I taught myself to love food again.

How to eat to get the health and body I always wanted and most importantly how to keep it.

If you’ve ever been confused and frustrated about what to eat to be healthy and have the body you want, my Cookbook is for you.

My Cookbook is my journey. Each recipe is just a small lesson on how to make delicious, nutritious choices with lots of variety, tastes and textures. It’s also how I share and celebrate with friends and family.

I hope you enjoy my Transformation Cookbook with your friends and family! 

Love your body! 


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