Carbs that change body shape


After helping thousands of people transform their bodies and their lives we’ve learned that small but consistent changes add up to make huge differences.

One clear example is carb selection.

Due to their effect on insulin, carbohydrate choices really make or break body-shaping results from exercise training. The right carbs at the right time can speed body composition changes dramatically!

When most people think healthy carbs they think breads, breakfast cereals and pastas. While these typical choices work for some, for many others expanding their carb choices beyond the conventional can make huge differences in energy levels and physical appearance. 

Change your carb choices, change your body shape.

With agriculture, wheat became the grain of selection more from convenience and durability rather than virtue of being the best nutrition choice. From an evolutionary perspective, grains such as wheat are rather foreign to our biochemistry.

The wheat, corn, potatoes, squash and pumpkin we eat today were unknown only 10,000 years ago, that's a millisecond in human evolution terms. Bread and pasta are foods that have become a cornerstone of modern nutrition but were unheard of until 8000 years ago. Bread especially, because of its biblical documentation is perceived as an essential, staple of our diet.

However on the time scale of human existence, the introduction of breads, pasta and other processed grains is not even a micro-second! They are in fact, a very late, "artificial" introduction.

One of my body-shaping carb choices, Quinoa can be used anytime you would use rice or pasta.
With agriculture, only the grains that were the hardiest and easiest to cultivate became "natural selection" and the rest abandoned. Slowly those cultivated became physically different from their wild forms and their nutrient properties altered as well. For example, wheat cultivation began over 10 000 years ago and it's use quickly spread to areas where it had never previously grown. Within a few hundred years an entirely new hybrid was formed to better withstand the cold, had more gluten and the kernels held fast so that fewer were lost during harvest.

The nutritional changes that agriculture provided came at a cost. For example, wild einkorn wheat has 50% more protein than does hard red winter wheat (the most common grown in developed countries). Other grains underwent similar transformation, corn for example 4000 years ago had tiny "ears' only about an inch long.

No need to cut carbs, just replace them

Now before you recoil in horror at the mere thought of giving up your beloved bread, pasta or brekky cereal. Remember, eating to improve and impress is not about cutting carbs or eliminating quality nutrition sources. It’s about knowing how to replace and expand variety with deliciously better choices.

In my Carbs that Change Body Shape I’m going to show you how to introduce a new world of delicious carb choices to your family. Nutrition choices that are more in tune with our biology and provide body-shaping advantages.

 While all the rice and pasta disappeared from supermarket shelves during the Covid panic buying, supplies of quinoa often went completely untouched. Strawberry Quinoa Pots - Transformation Cookbook


The first carb you can easily introduce that will improve health and body shape is Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). Referred to as a grain because of its taste and cooking qualities quinoa is actually a seed. Quinoa provides more protein than regular gains and many of the amino acids that humans need. 

Quinoa is an extremely versatile, gluten free alternative, in my
New Transformation Cookbook I use in everything from schnitzel recipes, breakfast cereal treats, pastas and burgers. Quinoa can be used anytime you would use rice or pasta. Ironically while all the rice and pasta disappeared during the Covid panic buying, I could not help but notice quinoa went completely untouched on many supermarket shelves. 

dd quinoa easily into your fav recipes and eating plan, get my easy, quick steps and video How to make Delicious, Fluffy Quinoa

Next I'll introduce you to another carb that improves your body

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