Shar Sault

Shar has two passions and one unbelievable knack. Shar loves teaching and she loves keeping in great shape.

The latter, resulted in two world titles. Yes, two. Sharlene has won the drug tested Ms Natural Olympia (World Figure Title) consecutively. She knows a thing or two about getting in great shape.

As a full-time school teacher, Shar trained hard and believed in herself—to the point where after winning the Ms Australia title, she jumped on a plane, travelled to the USA and beat the best the yanks had to offer, right on their own turf. A feat seldom achieved by Aussie competitors.

Another unique characteristic that is unlike most fitness/bodybuilding competitors is that Sharlene is always in great shape. The Metabolic Precision System has been her secret to creating and maintaining an awesome contest-ready body, even though she hasn’t competed for nearly ten years!

However, Sharlene has another string to her bow that is perhaps even more inspirational. Sharlene has the incredible skill of being able to whip up delicious, nutritious, gourmet-quality meals, any time, any where from virtually any ingredients. I swear the gal could take powdered concrete and make it taste good!

After a long, hard day’s work most people dread the thought of walking into the kitchen to prepare a great meal. Sharlene is the complete opposite. “I love feeling healthy and I love having the energy to exercise. So the thought of grabbing some sort of greasy, fast takeaway food, just because it appears a little easier, doesn’t enter my mind. Sure everyone is busy, everyone doesn’t have a lot of time, but with a few simple strategies, a decent kitchen and a little practice, putting together MP meals is a real no brainer,” says the former Ms ‘O’.

“Once you develop this mind set and experience the difference in how you feel and look, its difficult to live any other way. Think about it this way, you can have many of the meals in the Metabolic Precision Cookbible done before takeaway can be bought or delivered.” Needless to say, the Metabolic Precision Cookbible is Shar’s work.

Aside from a couple of world titles Shar has won just about every female figure/body-shaping contest there is to win in Australia. Add some solid finishes to some competitive fun-runs, including a half marathon and you get the idea this gal is serious about her health and her fitness. If you live by or visit Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, in QLD, Australia, you may see Shar running along this picturesque coastline with her running partner, Cleo, the Border Collie!


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